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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
1:02 am
Would you like to spank her ?

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, October 12th, 2014
7:31 am
A spanking would be in order

Current Mood: horny
7:29 am
For being a nice Slave

Your mistress may allow you a taste of her dripping wet (after whipping you) cunt can you imagine the succulent taste brought out by my sexy slave Silk ??

Current Mood: Horny
Sunday, September 14th, 2014
8:41 am
Is MY Slave Silk happy am BACK ???

An good slave SHOULD show her Mistress how happy she is to see her should she not ?? Then her spanking can be done later, or before or EVEN during the welcome back home kissing ??

Current Mood: Horny
8:24 am
8:16 am
Instructions From Amanda
Hi Lefty, want you to get used to the name lefty and understand that is has and shall always mean Lesbian Fuck Toy for that is what you are and shall always be, it was nice talking to you, but unfortunately your parents am sure are with you at all times during your vacation.

Am sure by now you have heard the good news, that am still in love with your brother and that is why am not yet married and for that reason you shall never tell them that you’re a lesbian or I will show them the tapes of you riding your brothers cock and ORDERING him to fill your cunt with his hot thick sperms.

As you well know I could have told them you’re a fuck toy, and you like girls and though they may be old fashioned they are not stupid, they would figure things out and spoil my plans of using you whenever I desire, when offering you to other girls, and most of all in front of your brother and yes am going to marry him, that way me and my friends can fuck you anytime.
You see Lefty it is simple, am still the girl who craves sucking sperms from girls cunts (that’s my dirty fetish as you call it) but not just any girl, YOU especially when it’s your brothers sperms, you will keep my fetish secret and your nasty secret with your brother shall be kept.

Since am informed you’re a Mistress (good for you AND me) you shall refuse me to kiss him, touch him and of course fuck him, you will say that we are your slaves and only YOU are allowed to fuck your brother and you have chosen me to suck his sperms from your cunt. Smart don’t you think, I get my fetish and it’s all your fault.

Time has been spent shopping for your clothes and even though am informed that your complaining they are too short or see through you will wear them Lefty and always remember the tapes that am having, when I say they are short or sheer or even both you are to insist that you chose the clothes and you like them, that way it seems I wish you would change but you must insist to dress as you want (your price for daring to be Mistress)

Besides you used to say you wished your parents were not living with us then, well now they are NOT, you shall always be available to girls for their use, I will suggest they stop and you insist you want them to spank you (for riding your own brothers cock and allowing him to come inside you) and of course he has to watch, you see another of my biggest turn on’s was fucking you and never him and looking into his eyes as you ate me out.

Each and every item of clothing was carefully chosen and you notice I sent you pictures of girls wearing similar clothes?  just to prove that other girls wear them also and so you can and will every single day unless your parents are visiting us or we visit them, as Z has agreed to suggest to them that since she has not gotten pregnant (how can she when only you fuck her husband) we have decided (yes we have) that she will suggest he marries another wife and yes that would be me.

You see Lefty that way am able to use you anytime I wish and will definitely record each and every time he comes inside you,(in case he tries to divorce me) and you shall remain our Lefty forever, yes am bringing some girls over who have seen the tapes and can hardly wait to use you also.

Before I forget  , the visa issue was my mistake (filled the wrong forms) but after asking Z for help guess what? Your brother offered to assist and for that I told him for every day we got the visa, he could use you and he got one year (renewable) now is that not nice of him, so you have to beg him YES BEG him to fuck you And come inside you and say am the ONLY one allowed to suck his sperms from your cunt, in fact make sure you post this email in FULL on your live journal for me and others to see and as proof of your acceptance to my terms.

And just so you know I still love you and always will , am just using you the way you were born to be used, the tapes will never be shown to your parents and you will never come out or say am a lesbian and only married your brother to get access to your body, if ever it leaks out, you will have ONLY you to blame for what happens when your parents find about you and you recall I have the first tapes, wonder what they (your loving parents)would say if they saw how young you were when he first started using you? Their favourite daughter begging him to fuck you as his girl-friend watched and telling him to fill you with his sperms because YOU wanted me to suck the mixture out of you huh ???

We have confirmed our arrival is on 10 October and wear the “airport” clothes Z shows you and before think of complaining I know the dress is sheer, but you will wear it as proof that from then on you shall do as your told or face the consequences for not following orders.

Your Adoring Loving Amanda lots of hugs and kisses.

Current Mood: Horny
Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
12:14 pm
Office attire from Amanda for me to wear to work

Kind of like wearing this out fit, it is really decadent and short enough for my cunt to be visible as expected

Current Mood: horny
11:47 am
Permitted beach wear

Am finally going to wear what am told on the beach today, and did yesterday hope you like it ??

Current Mood: hopeful
11:44 am
Dress code designs from Amanda

Current Mood: hopeful
11:40 am
Dress code at home

Current Mood: happy
11:37 am
11:25 am
My Long pussy lips

Current Mood: Happy
Thursday, July 17th, 2014
9:41 am
Nice butt since am back

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, July 10th, 2014
11:32 am
Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
11:03 am
Slippery when wet

The oily massage after the whipping always precedes the intense loving fuck and the orgasms that surely follow ...Kisses and hugs !!

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
5:20 pm
5:17 pm
My Jeans Skirt (Amanda's selection)

Instructions are TO BE WORN with SHEER TOP, am sure you can imagine how glad i am my parents moved out !! There would be a riot for sure if they saw my "new" clothes three suit cases !!

Current Mood: happy
5:07 pm
Sexy pussy lips like mine

She really gets me wet with her sexy pussy lips that are just like mine and am expected to have them on "view" at all times when Amanda is here, so seeing others makes it "easier" for when i wear the same out fit **blush blush**

Current Mood: Happy
Saturday, June 28th, 2014
12:18 pm
Of to school and my shirts are as short as this (Amanda's orders)

Just waiting for teacher Tamy to ask me about my masturbating in class in front of ALL the other girls, she loves asking me that in front of girls all the time, and i have to answer in DETAIL

Current Mood: pensive
11:46 am
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